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February 6, 2001
Subject: 5th IAMTF World Amateur MUAYTHAI Championships
     Dear Members,
     Reference is made to the 5th International Amateur MUAYTHAI Federation (IAMTF) World Amateur MUAYTHAI Championships that is to be conducted between 10 - 17 March 2001 at the Nimitbutr Building, National Stadium, Bangkok.
     I, Mr. Nrest Janjaroen, legal advisor and solicitor has been authorized by the Amateur MUAYTHAI Association of Thailand (AMAT) to inform all the members that the International Amateur MUAYTHAI Federation (IAMTF), who has announced to organize a championship tournament, its status can only be an association with the aim of promoting the sport. Since, IAMTF was unable to register itself as an association according to the Thai Sport Act of 1985. They can not organize the 5th IAMTF World Amateur MUAYTHAI Championships. The Sports Authority of Thailand, as the legal protector of the sport laws, has informed IAMTF of the implication of the law and if IAMTF would like to organize the competition they can but must receive permission from the Amateur MUAYTHAI Association of Thailand (AMAT).
     An abstract of the letter from the Governor of the Sports Authority of Thailand, document number Nor.Ror.6207/5614 Dated 10 November 2000, to the President of IAMTF is as follows:"According to the referred letters, IAMTF applied for permission to organize the Fifth King Cup World Amateur Muaythai Championship competition during March 10-17, 2001 at Nimitrbutr Building, National Stadium, Bangkok, the details as described therein. The Sports Authority of Thailand made the consideration and would like to advise that since the request to stage such competition would be amateur Muaythai competition under the nation or Thailand name, whereas the Sports Authority of Thailand granted the permission for Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand (AMAT) which establish the Association as to Section 53 and to use the word "of Thailand" as to Section 59 of the Sports Acts of Thailand A.D.1985 with the objective to promote amateur Muaythai both locally and internationally, to take action on such matter, and AMAT had issued a letter to supplement the Sports Authority of Thailand consideration that it is unable to grant permission for IAMTF to organize the Fifth King Cup World Amateur Muaythai Championship Competition as to the document enclosed herewith. Therefore if IAMTF wish to apply for permission to organize such competition, it may do so by proceeding through AMAT accordingly".
     IAMTF's conduct is against and obstruct the law according to article 53 of the Sports Act and is punishable by law according to article 61. Article 61 states that ?anyone advertising, inviting or organizing a group of people or person to become member or to conduct any activity that is to promote or support the existence of an Association (National Federation) that has not yet received permission from the Sports Authority of Thailand under Article 53 or the Sports Authority of Thailand has revoked the permission under Article 53 will be punished by law, which is imprisonment not more than 6 months or fine not more than 60,000 baht or both.
     Until now IAMTF has not conducted themselves according to the Sports Authority of Thailand notification. If you participate by sending one or any competitors in to the competition, it will be considered that you or your group have jointly committed a wrongful act and will be punished by article 61 as well.
     This document, as the appointed legal representative and legal advisor of the Amateur MUAYTHAI Association of Thailand (AMAT), I would like to request all members wishing to participate in the upcoming competition to use careful judgment, in order to protect themselves from being prosecuted by the Thai law.
     If you require further information with respect to the International Amateur MUAYTHAI Federation (IAMTF), please contact the Sports Authority of Thailand or the Olympic Committee of Thailand. Yours sincerely, Nrest Janjaroen . Legal Representative/Legal Advisor AMAT

Olympic Committee of Thailand
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Dusit, Bangkok, THAILAND 10300
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Sports Authority of Thailand
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